Friday, July 16, 2010

Progression of a Spotty Nose...

As I have long suspected, Goose's nose is getting darker and darker, leaving the pink nose of his puppydom behind. For my own satisfaction, I wanted to document the changes in my little Gossamer's nose. :)

Here, we are nearly at the all pink puppy stage. So cute.

A smattering of spots on a little pink nose...

The evolution of 'chicken nose'. If you look closely, there appears the head of a chicken in the center of Goose's nose.

The chicken begins to get an eye...

Finally, we have the slow demise of chicken head, and the near obliteration of all pink from the spotty goose nose. As the nose progresses...I will update. Thank you for humoring me in this activity. Long live the spotty pink noses.


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