Friday, March 23, 2012

A little news, and a link :)

Hi all!

I just wanted to give a little heads up to those that might follow my website:
Out of the Myst
Very shortly I will be taking it off-line, and this site will serve as my main website
along with
Galloping With Scissors
Thanks for watching, but I find this place much more in line with my
rudimentary skills in the web arena.

Now a little bragging...

Recently I was lucky enough to be involved in the beautiful collaboration that is
"Womanthology : Heroic"
I did a pin-up featuring my sweet boy, Gossamer. Well my great friend Jessi Hickman, who so often manages to promote me when it never even occurs to me to do it, found a picture in which my pinup is beautifully displayed. Thank you to Nicole Sixx for letting me tag onto her coattails for this one. :)

Check it out! Whee!

The book should be at comics stores near you, so run on out and pick up a copy of your very own. As a treat, I'll also give a view of Jess's beautiful work on the project, she is a rock star!

Go Jessi!

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