Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 21, 2015

How the time flies. 
Here's the latest news fit to write. 

**I'll be at a couple shows coming up in the next two months, first off, c2e2 in Chicago. 

Go here for all the details:

I will be seated along side Jessica Hickman at table R16b.  Come over and see me the weekend of April 24-26. 

**Next up, Formerly known as SpringCon, the newly named MSP Comic Con. All the details are here:

Make sure not to miss it, mark your calendars for the weekend of May 16-17.  I can't wait to see you there. 

I've been working on a new set of paintings, featuring some of my favorite things to paint.  Ladies and Dogs!  Here is a glimpse of the first two completed paintings, and a look at the sketch for the third.

Steampunk Lady with Great Dane


Steampunk Lady with Borzoi


Steampunk Lady with Irish Wolfhound (in progress)

I am having such fun with these. :)  I hope everyone is enjoying them asa much as I love painting them. 

As always, I leave you with a Jenson. 

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