Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day two of Blog!

I have followers! (even if one of them is me because I clicked the wrong button and have yet to figure out how to stop following myself. >.> I'm creepy.)

I think I'm going to like this place, it is kind of a relief not have to fight off any vampires or defend against mafioso thugs, and while I love animals, good grief, that zoo takes up plenty of time. I thought I would post some of the other things I'll have at the upcoming shows this year. (humor me... it has been a long time since I've had this much new stuff, lol!) I'm going to be doing sets of small prints (4x6ish), and trading card sized prints of the women that I've been painting. As well as their male counterparts when I finish painting them. Just the perfect sizes to carry around in your wallet, purse or man-purse-bag thingy. Hehe. Here they are. I'll have two sets, "The Fighters" and "The Magicians" :) They will also be available as individual cards and prints. These things will be showing up in my Etsy Store too. (picks her followers up off the floor) Stay with me here.. lol. Very soon I will be selling off the originals so message me if there are any of interest.

Okay, enough of this self promotion stuff. Going for my second motobike ride of the year today. I can't wait! While the winter has been very productive, I am ready to become the moto-girl again and spend my spare moments zipping around the upper midwest. There is almost nothing as good as driving along and feeling the temperature change just because you rode into a valley or passed between some shading trees. Or to be able to smell the wonderful scents of the world that you never get when inside a car...or just to go fast and hug the twisty roads with your best friends. So excited!

Well that's about everything for now. Have a lovely day two! I hope you come back real soon.

Love and hugs

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