Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Motobikes and Guard Dogs...

Today was the second motobike ride of the year. Here are a few things I came away with...

-Did you know that ice on a lake will to drop the air temperature around said ice by what seems like about 20 degrees. It's true. Ask Jennifer. I'll give you her number if you need it. Kidding.
Here we are riding down the road next to this wonderful water...beautiful... open water...beautiful...a little ice...a little cooler...full on ice...O.O...What the hell man? Interesting...

-While there never seems to be enough chai on most days. A large chai in the middle of a motobike ride, possibly a little too much. That's right, I'm not afraid to say it.. a little too much chai there.

-Even a bad day on a motobike is better than most days without a motobike. Very much looking forward to the next ride.

A big thank you to both Vanonis for providing me with such lovely company today. :)

Since I lost my job, most of my days consist of drawing/painting, and spending quality time with Gus the great dane. I have noticed a trend, he has always been very attached to me, but now he seems to keep an eye on me most all of the time. Our usual dialogue...(no..Gus doesn't really speak, but if he did...)

Me: I think I need a tasty beverage.
Sleeping Gus: Where are you going? *gets up* I should come.
Me: You don't need to come, I'll be right back. *walks him back to the couch*
Gus: I should come, *gets up, again* just in case.
Me: Really, I'll be right back. Lay down.*helps him onto the perfectly comfortable people couch*
Gus: Where are you going? *boomerang* What if something happens?
Me: Just getting some water. *back to the couch*
Gus: I should come. *gets up to follow*
Me: Really, I am just getting water. Stay. *almost lifts back onto the couch*
Gus: Don't leave me. I should come. *springs up* Hey.. aren't there treats in there?
Me: *sigh*
Gus: I win.

He is my own guardian Goose. But a picture speaks a thousand words...

Nothing is going to sneak up on me.

That's all for now.


  1. LOL! I love you. *tacklehugs*

  2. I didn't know you lost your job - I'm so sorry! Do you have any promising options?


  4. Hiya Summer :) Yeah, I have been non-gainfully unemployed for a while now. Actually, I am trying out the art dealy. We shall see how it goes.