Thursday, April 29, 2010

Too Much Caffeine

As is known to me, my body is ultra sensitive to caffeine. You would think that this would have occurred to me last night as I was downing my second can of diet coke with lime. Nope. Or hey, a couple warning bells may have sounded in my head as I was finishing the chai I'd purchased earlier in the day. Nuh uh. I greeted 4:00am with a rousing hello as I struggled to stay in my skin. It was awesome. ---.---

That said, there is new art, a lucky by-product of caffeine saturation. I've been working on the pages for my upcoming sketchbook, and I'll be darned if I didn't churn out a whole bunch last night. Go figure. Yay caffeine!

Look! There's one now!

Pirata! This inking thing really gives me a charge. I've really been having fun with it. I had an outing with Chip yesterday and found a perfectly timed sale at Blick Art supplies so I got a new pen.


I spent some time inking the pirate after the caffeine had moved from my hands :)

So, to sum up...
- When you can feel your skin, you've had too much caffeine, and do not expect sleep until at least 4:15am.
- Inking, yay!!
- And last but not least.. Argh, you scurvy dogs.

The Caffeinated Scallywag.