Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Morning

I'm sitting at the computer looking out over the back yard, it's been raining on and off for a couple days and I'm ready for a little bit of sun. The Farmers Market started this weekend, but not even the prospect of a steaming cheesy wiener and all the fresh flowers in the world could entice me to walk around shoulder to shoulder with people in the pouring rain, so, next week it is :) I really did want a cheesy wiener though...

Even without the jump start of Farmer Market, I did accomplish a couple things yesterday. I finished the base art for my new sketchbook, I'm not clever enough to tell you the name without offering up a huge, allure busting explanation, you are so very curious now.. aren't you? So, you will just have to wait with eager anticipation until it is revealed. Mwahahahah! That said, I will tempt you with the image. :)

Coincidentally, she is wearing my current hair style. I know.. where do I come up with these things. Oohhh, and look.. boobs! That's right, your little girl has grown up and is drawing breasts. (thinks) Actually, what that might mean is that I am growing ever closer to being a 13 year old boy. Hmmm. Food for thought.

The doggy news...
Coming soon to a book store/amazon/dollar bin near you, there will be a story about The Goose. Yay!!! I've been asked to take part in an anthology of children's stories. I'm really excited about this, you see, I was looking for a way to introduce Gus in some kind of short format to see if the population of the world loves him and is as entertained by him as I am How could they not be? :) We'll see. So look for it. I will tell you when.

I finished up two sets of cards for Sadlittles , Damsels and Dinosaurs, and Rantz Angels. I had a blast with these cards and am looking forward to starting on the upcoming sets. Here are some samples. Damsels first, they seem to have a harder life.

Now how about some Rantz Angels. I know! I can hardly wait myself :)

To find out all about these, go to the Sadlittles web page. You'll also be able to see what's coming up. You should go now. you know you wanna...


Well I didn't mean RIGHT NOW. :)

Hugs and kisses

Oh, one more thing.
Gus likes bunnies.

...tasty bunnies.

(I kid...mebbe...)


  1. I didn't know about the anthology! That's so great! I'm totally excited for you, and I can't wait to see what you come up with. xoxoxoxoxoxo
    And I LOVE the sketchbook cover. Really great :)

  2. "Look Gus! A bun bun!"

    ". . ."
    ". . ."
    ". . . *lick* "

    I also am interested in this childrens story anthology.