Thursday, May 13, 2010

All the News

This upcoming weekend I will be camping out at SpringCon! Woot! It's at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds grandstand... say that three times fast. :) All day Saturday and Sunday!
We art geeks usually have to wait for this show all summer, typically it's called FallCon, and happens.. well.. in the fall. But this year we'll have lovely 70 degree weather and lots of wonderful comic nerdiness in the spring.

In celebration of SpringCon I have put together a new sketchbook. Here is the cover:

It's all about man's two best friends... Dames and Dogs (specifically, MY dog, Gus). I huge thank you to my favorite Chip for putting it together for me. (Coincidentally.. he will also be at SpringCon, see, it gets better every second) It has lots of new sketches and some that I have posted here, funfunfun! After the show I will make it available on-line for anyone that can't live without my dog.

The lovely and talented Uko Smith will be arriving this evening to spend the weekend, he too will be at SpringCon. I'm telling you...this place is going to be chock full of goodness, anyone within the sound of my voice ought to show up. :) Just take a look at the guest list if you need proof!

I've been buying lots of twisting, smelly, green and lovely plants of late. Though very few of them have gotten in the ground yet, my kitchen looks and smells positively greenhousey. (it's ok if you're a little jealous...) One plant that fascinates me is the Hop. Or would it be Hops? (checks tag) Hops. Personally.. I think one plant ought to be a Hop, but then this would lead me to the argument that I think one TUMS ought to be a TUM..anyway...I got off my point.
Hops. I bought this little plant, thinking that the foliage was so pretty and imagining how much fun it would be to have Hops on my house. :)

That said, I seemed to overlook the fact that they grow 25 feet high. So, as it turns out, by the end of the summer, if anyone comes to visit me, just look for the big pile of Hops, and I will be inside. This, is why I am better at "In-Theory" rather than "In-Practice" gardening. A word to the wise...

Signing off from amid the Hops. xox

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