Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring Con

What a weekend! Spring Con was so much fun for me, plenty of friends stopped by to give their support and hang out and I got to draw for two days solid while the lovely Spring Con organizers took care of me. What more could a girl ask for?

Gus was the big hit at the show. I had so many people come up and tell me how much they liked him, even some who knew his name before I told them..apparently.. there are people out there reading this. Who knew!?! The Goose thanks you all for your support. WOOF!

He may look like he is all "yeah whatever" about it, but take my word, it made him very wiggly.

One of my favorite commissions of the weekend was "The Last Unicorn" for my friend Sonia. Jess Hickman and I each got to draw her in one of her forms. Here are the pictures we handed over, thank you Jess for permission to post yours, and Sonia for the chance to draw this:

I think they two compliment each other quite nicely.

The lot of us convinced our friend Uko to come and take part in the Con, it was great having him stay with me. (you can crash in my guest room any time Snuggles) Gus took quite a shine to him and cried little puppy tears (from the couch) as Uko drove away...

There were many other fun and fabulous things that happened at Spring Con, but hey, what happens at Spring Con stays at Spring Con...(thumb to nose). You got me?! (wink)

Translation: I forgot to take any more pictures.... doh!

On the home/doggy front, recently I have noticed a rash (not that kind of rash) of things coming out of my mouth...ugh. Hold up, that is a terrible statement, way too much possibility for misunderstanding and ridicule... by my dearest friends... ---.--- Let me start again.

Lately, I've realized the idiotic things I say to Goose in the moment. It may have been happening all along and I just noticed it, who knows. But from here on out, I will be taking note of these words.

Number 1: shouted at Gus as he stuck his head in the toilet for a refreshing drink.

"Dogs don't drink out of the toilet, they drink out of the sink! What's wrong with you?"

More of these to come, I am most certain.

For now, I will leave you pictures of beautiful flowers. Enjoy!

Please take note of the Bee fly-by caught on film by the ninja skills of yours truly (the right side of picture 1) ...well I was impressed.. >.>


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