Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Returned home last night in the mid-wee hours of the morning. Happy puppy face is the best welcome home, most especially the Goose face. Admittedly, there is a very tiny chance that I could lack objectivity, but I really doubt it. There is just something about walking through the door and having 150 pounds of wiggling cow dog rush toward you with the the only goal as becoming your lap dog that washes away any grumps you might have. Yeah, best thing ever.

I'm gearing up to jump back into cards, as I took the weekend for other things. On the table this week, TOPPS ESB 30th anniversary, Sadlittles: Dinos and Damsels as well as Rantz Angels. Somebody crack the whip!

Oh - Ee - Oh.. I'm do-ing cards.. :)

More interesting things when I am feeling... more interesting. :)


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